Founded by Jenna Fontaine

Therapist, Herbalist, Author, Healthy Living Advocate

We are...healing practitioners of western herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine and massage therapy with over 20 years of professional experience in pain management, stress relief, and holistic self-care.

We are...passionate supporters of cannabis as a safe and natural alternative medicine.

We are...crafters of holistic formulas which contain the purest most natural ingredients.



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Shortly before the holidays in 2016, we created our first CBD product, Super Salve. Within months we were blessed to capture the interest of a major national CBD distribution company. We partnered with them for over a year and manufactured high volumes of salve for people all over the country. We were grateful to garner amazing reviews along the way.

Two years later...we are excited to be doing our part to propel the hemp industry forward with the release of our greatly anticipated CBD oils and pet care products.