The Super Salve HELPS my son’s CRPS pain!!! To have my little boy answer YES to that it’s helping is such a blessing to my ears! With him having pain 24/7 in his full back, full legs, and lower arms, we need a tub!

— Lisa, Minnesota

I am so very happy with my salve purchase. I’ve been trying to do more of my PT exercises at home. I hit some of the “hot” spots with salve, and could work those muscles again because it took that much of the inflammation and soreness away. Within minutes.
— Tom, Rhode Island

I’m loving the salve, I’m rubbing it on my belly 2x a day to help with pain from adhesions, and endometriosis. My pain specialist ordered a topical cream but I am allergic to all the bases so I’m incredibly happy I found something that not only works but is all natural, and won’t cause a rash or any issues from chemicals.
— Jill, New York

I have neuropathy really bad in my feet. I just put some on and it’s taken about 95% of the sting and burning out.
— Cathy, Maine

I had a failed back surgery 5 yrs ago and now by the end of the day my shins and knees ache so bad! I rub the salve on them and it takes care of it like nothing else has!!!
— Cindy, California

I rubbed the butter on my eczema last night and this morning it’s practically GONE!!!
— Toni, New Hampshire